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Roost users of the world.....united.

Roosters (definition: "users of Roost amps")

Stef Kettingham of 'Push to Fire'

Describing a guitar-style is rather difficult at the best of times but there are exceptions. Stef Ketteringham from Push to Fire is such such an exception. He creates guitar terrorism with each performance and has a unique approach to the instrument that is truly his own. The young guitarist from Farnborough currently uses a 1979 Roost SR100 head in his formidable onstage arsenal and produces a dynamic sound that has to be heard to be believed. A battered strat, 6 strings, two hands and loads of attitude in his playing make the listener completely oblivious to the fact that Ketteringham eshews the use of effects.

Andy Duke (Buck Brothers)

Andy Duke, bass player and vocalist with Buck Brothers is a devout "Rooster" who uses not one but TWO (!) Southend-era 100 watt Roost heads in his punchy live and recording setup. These amps have been personally modified for the London based musician by former Roost employee, and overall electronics guru, Terry Bateman (see below).

Pete Sellers (Buck Brothers)

Pete rocks out with Buck Brothers (SessionMaster visible in the background)

Pete Sellers from Buck Brothers uses a 1977 Roost 50w SessionMaster combo for all the bands recorded and live efforts. "As soon I plugged it in, I found the sound that I was after without any fuss". In a power-trio like Buck Brothers, having a full guitar sound is essential and the Roost is an important ingredient in the band's sonic might.

Tom Livermore, guitarist from from Carina Round's excellent band, uses a Roost head in a rather unorthodox manner. According to Midlands based musician, "that Roost amp that I've got is in a bit of a state, it's got no case basically but it does sound great ... looks cool too (just hard to transport and people think bare electrics are dangerous ... it's a myth).

Kevin Stallibrass, a professional guitarist based in Huntingdon (UK), has contributed a soundbyte of his excellent Roost Session Master Combo.

Click HERE to have a listen.

This late British guitarist "fired up" a Leeds-era Roost or two in the mid 80s. Read about it here

Brad Trower Band

Brad "Brother of Robin" Trower Band featuring Terry Bateman on Bass (using a '68 Marshall Plexi - traitor!). According to Terry, "we were supporting Samson in Easter 1978 before Bruce Dickinson joined. On the right side of the photo you'll see a Roost in Blue cabinet - this was a especially built for Brad Trower and featured triple overload. And, yes, it "went to 12" many years before Spinal Tap thought they could get "one louder, innit?". This "Blue" Roost is out there some where (I hope..!!) and I really would like to find it. Sadly, it would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack and then some..."

Brad Trower and his custom built Blue Roost