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Roost Photographs

ST22 Model

A 100 watt, four input and master volume equipped amplifier head that was later renamed the SR100. Its sound has been likened to be a cross between a Hiwatt and a MkIII era Sound City L100.

Roost Advertisement from 1978 (many thanks to Andrew Kemp for providing the image)


Perhaps the rarest Roost ever made (click to enlarge)

Many thanks to Sax Jarritt for contributing the photo of this extremely rare white beauty. This is a 100 watt, two input Funkshun/Roost amp that was built by Terry Bateman.

According to Terry Bateman, "Roost made amps for Funkshun in 1978 and, from memory, we may have only made about 50 of them. This was basically a Roost with some changes to the pre-amp to get a little more overload and a boost foot switch which from memory did not work all that well". Roost/Funkshun amps were available in a variety of non-standard colours but, as they were fitted in cabinets up in Northampton, employees at the Southend factory did not see any complete ones in production. Terry Bateman has since acquired a fetching green version of this amp from Sax Jarritt.


SR100 - "Leeds era"

Many thanks to Sax Jarritt, once again, for contributing this photo of his early 80s "Leeds era" Roost SR100 amp head. This is a two input, 100 watt amplifier that borrows quite heavily from similar spec Hiwatts of the era in appearance. One unique feature is the illuminated standby switch that alternates colour between red (standby activated) and green (standby off). The "deaf defying" head sits atop a rare Simms Watts 4x12 cabinet. All you need to do is light up them Camel Lights and you're on your way.

"Last Christmas, I gave you my Roost...."

(many thanks to Andrew Kemp for providing the images)



This is a 1974 vintage SR22-R head (which is a reverb equipped version of the SR22 featured above). Many thanks to Gunter Mink in Germany for providing the photo of this rare Roost. He has incorporated this head alongside a Hiwatt DR201 and slave to create a truly formidable bass setup (see photo below).

The Ox would have been proud to use this setup (click to enlarge)


Gunter also provided photos of the inside of his Roost:


(click to enlarge)

Additional photos of the Roost's "guts" can be viewed here

Carry on Abroad (many thanks to Andrew Kemp for providing the image)

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